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About Us

As a child, I spent countless hours drawing on roll paper on our dining room table; when older, I became trained in oil painting, but, after taking a college course in darkroom techniques, my interests shifted very quickly to photography. I discovered a different way to be artistic, and found out I loved it! I graduated from college with a BA in Geoscience and a minor in Art, but life took a different path when I accepted a position in the telecommunications field. I then spent the next 20+ years in a corporate environment, but never put down my camera, photographing travel and nature at every opportunity. I joined the Raritan Photographic Society in my community and became the Program Chair, a position I’ve continued to hold for over 20 years.

Upon leaving the corporate world, I began selling my photos to clients worldwide through a stock agency. When I began photographing people and pets, however, I became inspired by a new world of endless possibilities for creativity. Now, I have the opportunity to capture the “essence” of my subjects, whether through the classic style of portraiture, which conveys a sense of “timelessness”, or the contemporary style, with its fresh and “now” appeal.

As each of us possesses our own special beauty and qualities that make us unique, I strive to capture that uniqueness in every individual, producing artistically designed portraits which can become treasured heirlooms. I also believe that our cherished 4-legged friends provide so many opportunities for creativity, through attitude, lighting, and color, in addition to their own special beauty that is individual to each animal. Whether they are pedigreed show animals or a rescued dog or cat, every animal is treated with the utmost care and dignity it rightfully deserves.

I look forward to working with you to produce artistically beautiful, signature works of art that will occupy a special place in your home and heart. You may reach me at 908-930-9127, or at

Best Regards,

Ginny Santora

Owner - Perception Images, LLC